Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Cadian Command Squad

Like a lot of 40k gamers (at least the Loyalist Imperials), I picked up the Codex this past weekend and revelled in GW's latest release. As you may know, I have been spending an hour here or there assembling an Imperial Guard army over the last couple of months in anticipation of the new Codex. Well, I also decided to pick up a blister of squats, (er, I mean Ratlings). I had to. C'mon how cool is that? Hobbits w/ sniper rifles. I also grabbed a Cadian Command Squad and I checked out the sprues. I have to say that the bits included are phenomenal. This kit is also a great set to have, just to apply to your standard Guard platoon, just to add a little variety. I'm going to pick another one on payday.

If your an IG player, you've got to get this.


  1. Heresy. 'Squats' will get you excommunicated from GW forums - you meant to say Ratlings! Ha Ha. I will also be ordering a Codex IG and Cadian Cmd Sqd soon, as soon as I can find 'Ardcoat on the website? Hmm...

  2. The command squad set is decent. I was a little underwhelmed by it upon opening the box, but that is likely because at this point I had seen the sprues a few dozen times.

    The ratlings are awesome models.

  3. Squats are a totally different animal from Ratlings, dude.

    Space Dwarfs are not Space Hobbits!

  4. LOL!!! My bad!! Yeah, I meant Ratlings! Sorry, no offense to the little hairy-footed buggers.