Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday - Ahhhh

Reiko Aylesworth (Alien vs Predator Requeim, Lost) - I'd marry this one. Absolutely stunning.


  1. Ok ...I got to say it

    Thanks for the idea

    I too now do a Thank you for Friday on my own blog...

    Also...Glad to see those Crimson Fist Updates...I like what you are doing here...

    Hope you stop by my own blog and give me a few pointers if you dont mind

  2. Thanks, I'll check it out right away.

  3. I swear this one was manufactured. Women like that don't exist. It's a conspiracy I tell you.

  4. manufactured is fine by me. I'll take two of them.

  5. Funny, I've had my order in at the factory for months now and none of the even dozen I ordered have come in yet. Why and even dozen? ...because I fully expect to break a few with "rough play". *nods*