Friday, May 22, 2009

A Little Update

Even though, I've been freakin' crazy busy, I have managed to spend some time (usually in the wee hours) working on stuff.

Crimson Fists
I've primed a squad of termies and they're about to go under the brush. I have since finished painting my second Tac Squad and put the 1k list through a small battle. Didn't do so good, so I'll change a thing or two. I'm about to start building the Scout Bikers set and hopefully throw down with those in play. I'm also going to assemble a Devastator Squad and see how that can help.

Imperial Guard
I'm continuing to assemble every single plastic trooper that I can find and just dug two Leman Russ. Time to get these boys some heavy support. I've been kind of motivated to get the tanks built after watching the lastest episode of Patton 360 on History Channel.

I played my first games of Legend of the High Seas last week with a gaming group that I belong too. That game rocks. I think it's got the right combination of rules from LotR and Mordheim. The rules were quick to pick up and it was a pretty fast paced game.

Let's see, I think that's about it. I'm toying with the idea of making a 1,000 Grey Knights army, but we'll see.

Have a great holiday weekend.


  1. wow a 1k Grey Knight Army would be neat...

    I have been toying with that idea for awhile but I need to atleast start painting my 5k SM army before I start another army...haha

  2. I got that new FW Inquisitor and I thought that it would be a cool addition to the CF collection. I'm thinkin' Apocalypse.

  3. I gotta check out LotHS. I keep hearing good things about it. I've tried other pirate games but they seemed so meh.

  4. it might get daunting looking at all those IGs if you dont start painting them squad by squad as you're building them!! just a tip from someone who knows how it feels to look at them once they're all built