Thursday, July 7, 2011

WFB - Doubles Game Tonight

I'm partnering up with another High Elf player tonight for a 1500 point game. Which is to say that I'm responsible for 750 points. Now, keep in mind, I haven't spoken to my partner, so I have no idea what he's bringing, but we are battling it out with the Skaven this evening. For my half, I'm fielding:

1 Mage (level 2)
15 Spearmen w/ cmd
10 Archers w/ cmd
10 Sword Masters of Hoeth w/ cmd
5 Ellyrian Reavers w/ Harbinger

On a side note, until yesterday, I only had a single model painted; the Mage. Well, I'm pleased to announce that 7 of my 10 Sword Masters are now painted. For me, that's a lot of painting in one day. Anyway, wish me luck. I hope to post pics tomorrow.

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