Monday, July 11, 2011

BatRep - HE/Empire v. Skaven 1500pts

As I mentioned in a previous post, I got together with our gaming group and played a 2-on-2 game of WFB. Aaron and myself, playing Empire and High Elves respectively squared off against Mike and Paul, both fielding Skaven. From the get go, I could see this was going to be a tough game. Here are the highlights.

I neglected to get the army lists recorded, but keep in mind this was more or less a practice game for me as I learn my army and the game.

Skaven won roll off and opted to move first. This was a straight battle with no special rules.

Turn 1
The Skaven aggressively began moving their lines forward in order to close the distance. The Skaven magic phase dealt a crippling blow to my Archers, who I was depending on to whittle down the numbers. A Plague spell brought down 7 of my 10 Archers. Our magic phase, resulted in a successfull Flames of the Phoenix spell, killing 7 clanrats and wounding the Plague Priest. I began moving my Reavers around the Skaven left flank and was able to take out the Warpfire Thrower (one of two war machines).

Turn 2
The skaven continued to advance and I foolishly held my Spearmen and Sword Masters back, while the Empire contingent charged the Rat Ogres on our right and killed one in the ensuing combat. Magic was ineffective AND I forgot to move my Reavers around to the rear to intercept the last Skaven war machine. Bad move.

Turn 3
Another skaven Plague spell hits my forces and destroys half of my Sword Masters before they can get into combat. Not having any place to move without risking running off the table, clanrats charged my Reavers. Spearmen are charged, lose combat, flee but rally at the beginning of the next turn. Our magic phase goes well and Flames of the Phoenix accounts for 15 more dead rats. The last Rat Ogre falls and the skaven slaves are destroyed. Things appear to be looking up.

Turn 4
Skaven charge spearmen and send them running. Clanrats foolishly the table with the Flames of Phoenix spell still in play, which ultimately finishes that unit. The Greatswords move forward and meet the clanrats charge and Empire Swordsmen along with their detachment of halberdiers also charge. Off to our right, my Reavers are finished off, doing only minimal damage to the enemy.

Turn 5
Remaining Archers are killed off as are the Empire Knights and Mortar crew. While the Greatswords cause substantial damage they and the Swordsmen are finally killed. With only the War Priest and the Mage left, we concede the battle to the Skaven.

Post Game
I think this loss was solely on the High Elves. Three major factors contributed to the result. First, losing my Archers so early in the game. That was from the result of a die roll, so I couldn't control that. Second, Forgetting to move my Reavers around to the rear in order to take out the second remaining ranged threat, and finally, I should have charged with my units when I had the chance, but did not. I allowed them to remain unengaged for an additional enemy magic phase, which decimated my forces. My partner Aaron a more cunning strategist, fared better and hung in the fight a bit longer. All in all, a fun game with a good group of people.

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