Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grey Knights....Yeah, I'm gonna do it.

Yep. I'm going to do it. I'm going to start a Grey Knights army. This time, I really mean it. I mean these models are too cool to pass up. To say nothing of the chapter's background. I think it's frikkin' awesome! But for this project, I want to do it up right. Get a new carrying case, new dice, some Forge World stuff to really dress it up. I even plan to go ahead and move forward with a Red Hunters Space Marine force. This army will give me a chance to use many of the kits that I have packed away and never got around to using such as the Venerable Dreadnought and a Land Raider. Oh and I forgot about Inquisitor Lord Hector Rex. I've got one of those too.

I went ahead and ordered the Codex and some of the models, but what do I do in the mean time? Well, I will be reading the new White Dwarf from cover to cover. Tons of Grey Knights stuff. I also got my hands on a couple of HQ models that I can use right now to get started. Tomorrow, I'll head into the local GW store and try making a list.

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