Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Grey Knights in WD 375

Just got back from the local GW store and I renewed my subscription, so I can get the latest copy of White Dwarf. I was going to renew in a couple of weeks anyway, so it wasn't like they roped me into it. I'm looking forward to building a squad or two of these awesome looking models. It looks like the new Tomb Kings stuff is coming out in May. Can't wait to see that. I've always been a fan of Egyptian mythology (mummies, anubis, pyramids, etc.).

I finished reading Volume I of the Siege of Vraks and started Volume II. I actually found it a pretty good read. It was like reading one long WWI trench war story. If the Death Korps weren't so damn expensive (and I had a job), I'd probably start one of those armies.

Next topic: What's been going on at Kantor Base? Well, I've been catching up on my Blood Angels and Crimson Fists, but I have yet to play a game with them. It seems being a volleyball and softball coach takes up a great deal of my free time. But...that's starting to wind down and my plan is to get a game in - that is one of my resolutions. The other plan is to break into Warhammer Fantasy, but probably won't tackle that until summer.

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