Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ultramarines Trailer

So yeah, like most of you, I saw the trailer for the upcoming Space Marine movie and needless to say, I'm chompin' at the bit. Tomorrow's payday and I'm ordering my copy first thing in the morning. I also have an idea of which chapter I'll work on next. Sorry, I've been slow with the posting, but I've been a little busy job hunting and all. That, combined with this 'anti-gaming' funk I've been in, has kept me away from my painting and modelling. I've decided to read Legion by Dan Abnett for my next dose of 40k fiction.

I also painted a test model in Ultramarine colors, just to see if it motivates me in any way. The armour is a bit darker than the traditional 'smurfy' Ultramarine Blue (I always hated the Smurfs). I do consider myself a bit of a traditionalist, but I am glad the test model is darker after reading GW's article on the new film. Apparently, they were going for the same look. Anyway, can't wait to see and I suggest checking the trailer out. I truly rocks.

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  1. The darker blue would be more in keeping with RT era, which would be pretty cool. The only downside I see so far is the length (wish it was longer - maybe a series will be the result) and the fact the power armor makes no noise. These are .25 ton suits of death - they should make some whining when running at top or so I'd think. I'm in regardless though. Looks awesome.