Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Times...

Recently, I was in my local Borders (big surprise) and I found a copy of the new DnD 4th Edition 'Starter Set', the first product in the new Dungeons & Dragons Essentials line. The new line is a combination of updated info to the fourth edition and also a new way to introduce new players into the game. Feeling nostalgic, I grabbed a copy. The first thing that I love about the set is the packaging. WotC reproduced the original 'Red Box' this time around. It immediately took me back to the old days of sitting around a table with my old gaming group until sunrise, scarfing down a hot pizza from Danny's Pizzeria, potato chips and grape soda (what can I say, we were 15).

Not thrilled with trying to learn a whole new game system, I was hesitant to begin reading the material. But then something odd and wonderful happened. My twelve year old daughter (about as anti-geek as you can be), wanted to know more about the game and what's more, she wanted to learn to play. Not knowing what to say, I agreed to dive into the new set with her.

The first book is a great, easy to read introductory solo scenario (ala Choose Your Own Adventure), that takes you through the steps of character creation while working your way through a battle with goblin brigands. Before I knew it, I had created my very own character. So here I go, leaping back into an old game that had brought me hours and hours and hours of fun. Returning to D&D is liking reuniting with an old friend. Looking forward to more good times.

Shh! Don't tell my daughter's friends.

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