Saturday, October 16, 2010

Ultramarines - Time To Give It A Go

As promised, payday has come and gone and I ordered my copy of the Ultramarines movie. So as I anxiously await the release of the first EVER Warhammer 40k film, I find myself delving deeper into the Ultramarines Chapter. The further I research the chapter, the more fascinated I am with the volume of detail that has come into existence over the years. One of the many things motivating me to start an Ultramarines project is that it's a Codex Chapter - that basic, cookie cutter version of what a Space Marine Chapter should look like. I've collected various chapters over the years (Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Black Templars), but with the exception of the Crimson Fists (for which this blog was originally named), none of them were strict adherents to the Codex Astartes. Those non-codex chapters are great fun in their own rights and I will treasure them as part of the rich fabric that is 40k, but I find myself wanting to include such models as Legion of the Damned and even an Ironclad Dreadnought or three and unfortunately, none of the other armies offer those options. So, I'll be working on Ultramarines in the near future. True, my beloved Crimson Fists are a Codex Chapter, however, they are a chapter that is severely under strength.

I've been inspired by the recent surge of Ultramarine activity on the GW site and have jumped on the bandwagon like a monkey takes to a shiny new trinket. These next couple of weeks, I'll continue to research the chapter and test a color combinations. I may even choose to approach this project as a true collector, searching out various models vintage models to add to the army. Forge World has also added some new resin marines to their line, decked out in pre-heresy army. The possibilities are well on their way to becoming endless. Who knows, maybe I'll even stick to one 40k project for the long term just like Werner Munch in Germany. Stranger things have happened.

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