Monday, January 18, 2010

Oh Happy Monday!

I jetted out to the Battle Bunker on my lunch hour today and sure enough - Rynn's World was in stock, so naturally I picked it up as well as the new Tyranid Codex. I have not intentions of starting a Tyranid army (yes, you heard right), but I still wanted the codex. Thumbed through that really quick and the new art is awesome. I'll read through it as soon as I get about a hundred pages of Rynn's World under my belt.

I like the format of the new Space Marines Battle series. It's a larger book and contains battle maps of the campaign. Two others are due out: Helsreach (Black Templars) and The Hunt for Voldorius (Raven Guard).

Okay, off to read Rynn's World. Thanks for the heads up, fellow gamers.


  1. I am very jealous at the moment!

  2. I got my copy the other day! Just gotta finish Chapter War first, then I'm diving into Crimson Fist goodness! :)

  3. I got both of those a few weeks back and, like you, don’t have plans for a ’nid army but wanted the ’dex!

    As for Hunt for Voldorius, yes it will feature my faves the Raven Guard, but I suspect it will mainly centre on the White Scars. By the way, different pics bill different authors for Voldorius: I’ve seen both Andy Hoare’s and Mitchel Scanlon’s names on picture shots of the cover!