Sunday, January 10, 2010

More Crimson Fists

I finally got around to trying out the metal CF bits from Games Workshop. I like the way they fit and they do look nicer than the old ones. I painted up one of the MkII veterans and a couple of tactical marines. But I'm thinking of painting the background black instead of metal. It felt good to paint a few Crimson Fists again. The trick in painting an army (or one of them) is not painting so many that you get bored.

Next month the new Rynn's World novel comes out and I can't wait to read that. I finished Sons of Dorn and the final battles in the book were pretty entertaining. I just started reading Salamander. I'm hoping to get that one done before Rynn's World is released.


  1. Those look pretty good! I just ordered a set of the shoulder pads myself to go on my new Tactical Squad.

  2. Those look excellent! What colour did you use for the blue?