Thursday, January 14, 2010

Inquisitor Hector Rex

I picked up this sweet FW model in a trade with a former GW gamer on the cheap who's become disillusioned with Games Workshop in general. This is a model that I've admired for quite some time and have wanted to own, not neccesarily as part of an army, but just to have in my collection. The details of the sculpt is amazing and the pose it bad ass. I just hope I can do it justice when I get it painted up. The set came with the Inquisitor and a 3-man retinue - Exorcist (Heirophant), Astropath (Mystic) and Rex's Sword Bearer (Acolyte). Hmmm. Should I try my hand at a Daemonhunters force??? Just in case, anyone know where I can find Rex's rules?