Saturday, April 30, 2011

1,250 pt Grey Knights List

This is my first time playing Grey Knights and from what I hear, it's not your average starter army and while I've been playing 40k for some time, I don't play with any great frequency, so I still consider myself a beginner. In fact, I've lost way more games that I've won. So with that in mind, I came up with a 1,250 point list to get myself comfortable with the codex.

Keep in mind that I tend to build forces more out of a desire to fit into the 40k universe and its fiction and not to win games. This probably explains why I lose so often, but I enjoy playing, so I don't really mind.

GK Brother-Captain (1)
Nemesis force sword, m/c
psybolt ammunition

GK Strike Squad (10)
psycannon (x2)
Nemesis force halberd (x2)
Nemesis force sword (Justicar)
Rhino w/ psybolt ammo

GK Terminator Squad (5)
psycannon (x1)
Nemesis force halberd (x3)
Daemon hammer (Justicar)
psybolt ammunition

GK Terminator Squad (5)
Nemesis force halberd (Justicar)
Nemesis force swords x4
psybolt ammunition

Interceptor Squad (5)
Nemesis force swords x3
Daemon Hammer
psybolt ammo

twin-linked lascannon
psybolt ammuntion

1 comment:

  1. Glad you're trying the new GK!

    You won't need Psybolt on the Dread (unless you go with Autocannons, then yes) or the Rhino (not worth it for just a storm bolter), honestly, you have Ammo in a lot of places that are just soaking up points. Get some Razorbacks and use the Ammo on those and the Heavy Bolter Razorbacks.

    I don't recommend giving Justicars Hammers because on a Perils, you've lost your Hammer :(

    I think you'll find them fun (and scary, you'll almost always be outnumbered, lol). Enjoy!