Thursday, January 6, 2011

Off Topic....Comics

In an effort to inject a little more variety into Kantor Base, I wanted to share another childhood passion of mine: comic books. As kids, I spent countless summer hours on the porch reading the latest adventures of Batman, Superman, Green Lantern and dozens of other heroes in both DC and Marvel universes. It's a past time that I have honored and enjoyed even to this day. But recently, with the upcoming Green Lantern film looming on the horizon, my love for comics has increased exponentially. After a brief and intermittent break from regular trips to the comic store to pursue other hobbies, I returned to the world of super heroes and sank my teeth into the Blackest Night series of graphic novels.

Blackest Night was a story arc that started a couple of years ago in the Green Lantern comic book. It tells the story of the walking dead in true DC Super Hero fashion. A dead DC character by the name of Black Hand is resurrected and is using the power of an artifact called the Black Lantern to raise dead heroes and villains from the dead. And as tradition demands all of Earth's heroes rush into action to save humanity.

This honestly has to be one of the best stories that has emerged in the comic book industry in some time. The story is awesome and the art simply kicks ass. I'm about two thirds of the way through and I can barely put it down. I'd check it out. It's awesome.

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