Friday, January 14, 2011

Got a New Game Today...

So I ordered a copy of FFG's Dust Tactics and it came today. I've been checking this game out for a few weeks now. Doing internet research, reading testimonials and game reviews and most of importantly, looking at the figures that come with the game. I was able to download the rules and read through them, finding easy and straight forward. Nothing complex at all.

Just at first glance, there's a few things that really reach out and pull me in. First, the back story is just awesome. It's set in the 1940's, during WWII and the Nazis and their Axis allies have discovered a crashed alien ship and used the technology to develop superior weapons. The allies have done the same, but not to the same level as the Axis. The second thing that I love about this are the figures. The robot tanks and soldiers are just amazing. They come pre-primed and in two colors: green for the allies and gray for the axis units. They can be painted and their was a limited number of deluxe versions of this game produced with painted figures, but at $300 or so a pop, I'm not too worried about getting one. Most of the sources out there are stating that it a knock off of AT-43 (which I own, but have never played). The story and the figures that come with the game took me back to my childhood and I found myself fondly remembering playing with my plastic army men on the kitchen floor. Yeah, you old timers know which army men I'm talking about. Well, this soldiers are way way freakin' cooler than those.

The rulebook is a short 24 pages and it comes with a quick start rule card, some plastic terrain pieces, a campaign book and 9 of those heavy stock game tiles that are used as a game board. I'm still going through the contents, but I'll be playing a couple of games. Over the weekend I'll be setting it up on the dining room table and testing playability for myself. I'll post images then.

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  1. What fun, I had not heard of these. I must look them up,