Saturday, September 4, 2010

..Of Elves and Paint Pots

I walked into the local GW store this morning at 10:01 and purchased my Island of Blood starter set. I won't post any of the obligatory unboxing pics, because Lord knows that's been done to death. But I will say the models are AWESOME!!!! So I'm home and the wife and kids headed off to the mall, so I get some time to myself (yay, no 'girl' drama), to thumb through the contents.

I also managed to double my High Elves in the same trip. One of the staffers was looking for Skaven, so I swapped out some models and was on my wayI'll have a nice start with 20 LSG and 20 Sword Masters and 10 Reavers. Needless to say that I have a spare High Elf Prince and High Elf Mage that I am considering divesting myself of.

I also saw the new paint pot design that GW produced. Now I don't have to rifle through my bin trying to find a color. They finally color coded the tops. That only took about ten years to come with. But then again, I wasn't bright enough to paint the top of my existing pots on my own, duh...

Oh, and I also picked up a copy of the Island of Blood mini novel. So far, it's been a good day.


  1. Pots with coloured lids - who would have thought eh? lol. Save me painting mine i guess. Similar to Foundation pots i guess.
    So Kantor... when more boys in blue/crimson?

  2. Not sure. I'm actually working on a couple of small side projects in the hopes of improving my painting skills. I'm trying to try a variety of models and colors. That's why you've seen a Warmachine model and I've got some Reaper stuff on the back burner. From a personal standpoint, I'm also going to focus on the High Elves so I can also start playing Fantasy as well as 40k.