Monday, September 6, 2010

Island of Blood High Elves - Assembled

I finished my initial set of High Elves from the Island of Blood starter set. Once again, I have to comment how cool these models are. There were very few mold lines and everything fit together well. The only downsides that I'll make mention of are the fact that many of the spear components were fragile and some of the side 'tines' on the spears snapped off during removal. So me being the annal hobbyist, I had to cut those tines off to keep the model uniform. I also had a couple of issues with the helmet flaps on the Ellyrian Reavers. But otherwise, everything was designed well and easy to assemble. GW put a lot of thought into how the Prince and Mage were designed in terms of how the hobbyist would have to assemble it. They were remarkable easy to assemble.

But anyway, the initial force is assembled. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I swapped the Skaven for some extra elves, so I've got more Sea Guard and Sword Masters to add to the force. From here, I've got my eye on a Battalion box that will add some Spearmen, Archers, a Chariot and Bolt Thrower. But I think I've got plenty to get me going. I'll start priming and painting over the next couple of days.

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  1. Sounds good man, I too am a fan of GW's WHFB High Elves and I'm glad to see they got some love with this starter set (almost makes me want to fork out the cash, but I'll stick with Warmachine and my sci-fi looking steampunk elves of the RoS.

    Best Regards,
    ~ Justin L.