Monday, November 9, 2009

Quick Product Review - Krylon Primer

Due to my increased role as Mr. Mom (the wife has been working a lot of hours), I've spent zero time working on anything gaming related, so I haven't had much to report on. However, I would like share a favorite product of mine. One I use extensively on my models. I've been a pretty loyal fan of GW products, despite their unreasonable prices - but the one item that I cannot bring myself to buy is their black primer, which is a spray version of their Chaos Black paint. I've resorted to a much cheaper brand, that is, in my opinon a way better value for the money. Krylon Flat Black Primer runs about $4 - $5 a can at the local hobby store. If you can find it at a Wal-mart, it's about $3. Aside from the price the other big thing for me is how fast it dries. It goes on smooth and in a fine mist, which dries to the touch in about 4 minutes. If you're into working fast, this is a great primer.

I found the GW product much thicker and heavier, which results in a longer dry time and can tend to run and obscure detail if you're not careful and this hobby is way too expensive to waste materials on.
Finally, the primer comes in White, Grey and a host of other colors. I highly recommend this product, especially in these stressful economic times.


  1. sounds like my old favorite, Duplicolor. Sounds like they both spray really fine, dry fast, and are dead flat. If there are more colors than Duplicolor, I might pick up a color or two to ad a bit more speed to some jobs.

    Thanks for pointing me to this one.

  2. I've been priming with this stuff since I could get it at my job at a super discount. I've got a full case in my room ready for Space Wolves!