Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Crimson Fists Items

Games Workshop has been on a Crimson Fists kick of late. I found these bits packs just added to their online store. They look much nicer than the older version. The Fist icon is identical to the transfer that's included on the decal sheets. I'm also liking the Tactical packs and the Tank packs. Needless to say I ordered some. I've been working on my Space Wolves, but it's time for a little break so I can give my Crimson Fists some attention. Don't want to get bored.

I maxed out a second Tactical Squad and I'm putting together the Dread and a unit of Terminators or about to go under the block.

GW has also added a Crimson Fists historical scenario, as well as an updated background on the chapter. An excellent resource for CF fans.


  1. Those aren't for Crimson Fists....those are for Imperial Fists....yellow rules, crimson drools.

  2. Not on this blog, brother!! Seriously, saw these on some Imperial Fists and they look sweet.