Monday, November 30, 2009

Last Gaming Purchase of 2009

With the Christmas shopping season here, I'm going to have to curtail my hobby spending. But I thought that I could squeeze in one last purchase before the end of the year. I have long been a fan of Roleplaying Games, but have not had the opportunity to some time to play. I had thumbed through the last edition of WFRP, and felt out of place. The percentile dice system was different from the traditional d20 system common to D&D. So I decided to stick to tabletop gaming. Until now.

The new, completely re-vamped WFRP game, from what I've read is such a far-cry your standard RPG, that I am curious beyond measure. Fantasy Flight games has been tasked with bringing the Old World setting to roleplaying gamers this time around. I've always liked the flavor and feel of Warhammer Fantasy, so I definitely want the chance play this game.

Anyway, as with all Fantasy Flight games the price tag this time around is pretty steep, $99.00. But I checked out ebay and found a new boxed set for $69.99. Can't wait to see it.

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  1. I'm very skeptical about this new edition, so I'm eager to see your thoughts after you get to look through it!