Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Raptors Colors

Using the Space Marine painter over at Bolter & Chainsword, I've come up with the paint scheme that I'll be using to identify sergeants and veterans. I'm thinking of going with red helmets for sergeants (squad leaders) and white helmets for veterans. The apothecary will probably have a white helmet with a red stripe down the middle and sergeants of veteran squads will have white helmets with a black stripe.


  1. instead of the stripe you could do that leaf kinda thing that the ultramarine vets have painted on on the gw models... would look awesome!

  2. I think red is usually associated with medics. Also, not sure about using red a squad leader really, it would make them an easier target for the enemy wouldn't it ?

    Nice blog btw, I'll be back.

    my WHFB Blog

  3. Love the image :) ... I must remember to add multiple stripes sometime !

  4. I like the look, i painted my first Sarg with all red helmet but now i only paint a red stripe.
    It just seemed a bit much, i didn't want them to start looking like Christmas trees!!