Monday, March 19, 2012

Toy Soldier Clean Up

I took a little bit of time to actually attack my long neglected work area today after work. I set to work cleaning out the piles of stuff that I have accumulated over the last year or so. Finally, I got so disgusted, I just started throwing out boxes of models that haven't seen a paint brush or the light of day since Christmas of 2010. I think a part of that overwhelming feeling of drowning in plastic is that I have a too much plastic...and metal. There were stacks of have used kits and sprues and boxes all over the place. Well I figure it's time to divest myself of the things that I realistically was never going to work on. I had put many of the metal models up for sale on ebay some time ago, with no takers and nobody I gamed with was interested in metal models anymore, so in the trash it went.

In the end, I thinks it's a good decision because now it allows me to focus on the one or two projects that I'm interested in at the moment. Was it a huge waste of money? You betcha, but I can feel myself returning from the bring of insanity. Man, I love spring time.

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