Friday, March 2, 2012

New White Dwarf and Teeny Space Wolf Update

Got my new White Dwarf yesterday and it has the latest Space Wolf releases along with some background. I also ordered some Fenrisian Wolves while I was in the store. Hoping to get them this weekend.

In all of the new Space Wolf excitement, I have been able to actually start a Space Wolf project. I began with a small 500-point force, a Rune Priest HQ and two Grey Hunter packs. The first pack is assembled with 7 of 10 models painted. The Rune Priest and second pack are assembled and waiting to get primed. As I work on the force, I'd like to take them out for a test drive to get the feel for the mechanics and how the army plays, but it's difficult to find anyone who wants to play such a small game. My only option is to take them through their paces on my dining room table in a solo machine against the Black Reach orks, painting them as I go.

Once all of these models are painted, I'll plan my next 500 points, which will, as I mentioned above include some Fenrisian Wolves and maybe a box of Thunder Wolf cavalry as well as another Grey Hunter Pack or Long Fangs. Although, a tank or two might help. Ugh, decisions, decisions.

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