Friday, January 13, 2012

Fastest FW Order...EVER!!!

My Astral Claws, shoulder guards and decal sheet arrived today! Holy Crap! That was the fastest order from Forgeworld...EVER!!! I ordered them over the weekend.

I also started working on some test models last night, but I wasn't completely happy with the result. I tried using Chainmail with a Badab Black wash. I got the color right, but the wash flattened the finish. Anybody know away around that? I'm trying to get a shade somewhere in between Chainmail and Boltgun Metal.


  1. use a thinned down black ink, it keeps the shine a little bit more. Also, adding a little drop or two of windex to the pot will help it from pooling up soo much.

    otherwise you could always do boltgun, wash it, then drybrush chainmail over it.

  2. I scored an order in under 60 hours once. When you catch them at the right hour and get the express shipping, they can get that out in a flash.