Sunday, October 9, 2011

Captain's Log - Unboxing Dreadfleet's Ships

I finally got around to spending some time with my copy of Dreadfleet. Up until now, I've been stealing late night moments or lunch hours to read the novel or thumb through the rules (what can I say? I'm a busy man). Anyway, I decided to pull some of the models out and take a shot at assembling some of the models. I've been hearing reports that the models are a bit brittle so I was a bit nervous and decided to start with some of the easier ones.

My first observations were that these models were as big as I was expecting, but in terms of detail: they ROCK! Great looking models. Well done, GW! I have to give credit where credit is due. So I went ahead and got to work, carefully clipping the models from the sprues and cleaning them up. I decided to press them together with no glue, so I can go back and separate certain assemblies for painting.

I assembled Grimnir's Thunder, Curse of Zandri, and the Black Kraken, perhaps the easiest ones to assemble as neither of them come with sails or masts. Each of them pressed together nicely and fit fairly flush. Will need a minimum of liquid green stuff. So far, so good. With 7 ships to go and three hungry daughters screaming for their supper, I better get back and see what else is in the box, uh...I mean get dinner started.

By the way - I stole this post's pic off of the net, so thanks to whoever snapped it.


  1. ye, I was pretty amazed when I saw that all the designs on the masts were actually plastic detail rather than transfers, very cool. The bloody Reaver is a nightmare to assemble without glue, its 14 pieces and is almost a puzzle to put together.

  2. Don't make my rookie error with my Bloody Reaver in that I fully assembled it before painting. I was in a hurry to get playing the first scenario and wasn't thinking (maybe it was the plastic glue fumes) but those sails are going to be well ticky to paint now.

  3. And so, the evil grows, Mahw, haw, haw, haw.

    My nurse says it's time for my injection now.

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