Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday Rant

Gamers all over the internet are posting pics and reviews of their newly arrived Space Hulk games. So I popped into my local GW store where my game was to be delivered and checked with the staff. They did acknowledge that they received a substantial number of copies of the game, but will not be putting them out until Saturday. Of course, when I requested that I get mine now, it was explained to me that I couldn't have it until the store received the invoices. Some paperwork screw of some sort.

So despite the fact that I paid for my copy in advance and had it shipped to the store, I am being penalized. At the risk of sounding like a spoiled brat, why can't I have mine, just like everybody else? GW took my money quick enough.


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  2. I feel with you- haven't even got mine by now. It's just not there... Bit looking back at it in a year it will be laughable. ^^

  3. It's not released until october 5th, that;s why you can't have it ;)

    People have got their copy early as it's through advance order, you always get stuff early.

  4. At least you've got one coming for yourself... I got to see it, paint it... and then give it back.

  5. They could not give your copy since then they would have no cover from charges that the independents about them not following their release date. Might actually allow independents to sue them. The mail order has the claim that shipping times vary and they need to make sure it arrived on time.

    I am sure they had a ton of orders and the mail order trolls had to process and pack them ahead of time so there is no point having all those ready to go boxes at the warehouse just to overload the shippers on tuesday for friday delivery.